July 5, 2020

Music Exposed Episode 6: ThomasFrank93


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Music Exposed Episode 6: ThomasFrank93

The legend of guitar god, ThomasFrank93, only continues to grow as he brings the metal mayhem to Music Exposed. Discover his month of suffering in the Satan mask. Learn how he is the “least Argentinian Argentinian” ever. And finally, get adopted by Thomas’ dad if you’re missing supportive parents.

Follow him at https://twitch.tv/thomasfrank93

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From the Music Exposed Bulletin Board:

Venus shares a very special anthem to celebrate the end of Pride month with “Her” – https://youtu.be/lqEyd273VHs

Moonlight Social releases a powerful statement on the current state of society with “An Ode to Humanity” – https://found.ee/puFZ

The second annual Summer Streams Fundraiser kicks off July 14th – July 16th with 18 inspirational women in the arts! The stream will include special giveaways from our partners @HARMAN, all while fundraising for the BroadcastHER Grant. To learn more follow https://twitter.com/richiix27 or https://twitter.com/kristikates

Kisos new EP, Sweet Nothings, is now available at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/kisos/sweet-nothings

Get all the music of The Silence Noise at https://thesilencenoise.com

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