May 31, 2021

Music Exposed Episode 38: EBX_Erin


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Music Exposed Episode 38: EBX_Erin

The leader of Elsie Binx and now cover streamer and live looper, EBX_Erin joins us to discuss music. the unique nature of the “Detroit feel,” and how she’s become a rising star on Twitch!

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This Show’s Music Exposed Bulletin Board:

Middream – 24 –

Tyler Levs – Emergency –

DRYVE featuring Llynks – Embrace –

Acapella Wolf – On Agency –

Chase Davidson – Never Change –

Want to find more independent Twitch artists? Follow Dune and Jonny over at Twitch Finds at, The Eargasm with LP over at, We Speak English Good Podcast, and Yen York City Podcast.

The new release from The Silence Noise, The Twist of a Friendly Knife, is available now at

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