November 29, 2020

Music Exposed Episode 27: Scxrlet64


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Music Exposed Episode 27: Scxrlet64

As a long time DJ, producer, and streamer, Scxrlet brings the fire in her virtual rave with all the energy and hype you can handle.  Strap in to learn about her journey to partner, her unique approach to production, and how she found her way to Twitch!

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This Week’s Music Exposed Bulletin Board:

Maximiliam – Echopocalypse –

Wolfgang Merx – X1819 –

Otherglow – New Sun –

Emmy Law – Happy EP –

Imaginary Future (Kina Grannis) – The Middle of July –

Llynks – There You Go –

Nicole Millar – Boring –

The Songery – Improv, Vol. 1 (Album) –

Alanna Sterling – Chemicals –

Zoe Wren – Elephants and Drums –

Want to find more independent Twitch artists? Follow g1a5w3g1an over at his blog at, Dune and Jonny over at Twitch Finds at as well as The Eargasm with LP over at

The new release from The Silence Noise, The Twist of a Friendly Knife, is available now at

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