November 8, 2020

Music Exposed Episode 24: MamajoeVramajoe


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Music Exposed Episode 24: MamajoeVramajoe

Looking for something like you’ve never seen before? MamajoeVramajoe embraces the eccentric, celebrates the mundane, and brings you an experience like nothing else you’ll ever see on Twitch.  Your heaping helping of indie goodness is waiting for you to slip into your best shade of purple!

Check out MamajoeVramajoe at

Featuring Special Guest Cohost, MissMaryLu!

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This Week’s Music Exposed Bulletin Board:

CA in LA – Calm Before the Storm –

Eskibeatz – Stars –

Samuel Tucker Young – Brushfire –

Fable Cry – I’m Calling It, You’re a Phony –

Raym – Waiting –

Joliet4 – Christmas Lullaby –

Kate McGill – Banana Pancakes –

Natalie Holmes – Eggshells –

Wax//Wane and MidDream – Womanumerique –

Spencer Joyce – The Greatest Gift –

Want to find more independent Twitch artists? Follow g1a5w3g1an over at his blog at, Dune and Jonny over at Twitch Finds at as well as The Eargasm with LP over at

The new release from The Silence Noise, The Twist of a Friendly Knife, is available now at

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