July 19, 2020

Music Exposed Episode 8: Jursh00


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Music Exposed Episode 8: Jursh00

The man with the best facial expressions on Twitch. Jursh continues our run of Twitch guitar gods and will hopefully provide some more insight onto the very secretive origin of Karen – as well as bring the guitar wizardry in a way that few have ever dared!

Follow him at https://twitch.tv/jursh00

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From the Music Exposed Bulletin Board:

MattGaddy hosts a special fundraiser using the power of “Funk to Fight MS.” The fun starts with a lot of different incentives and his typical goofiness at 9 AM on Sunday, July 19th!

Chris Miller Music drops his new track that features both MattGaddy and our host, SaraJazz, to cover the mood for the year – “FK 2020” – https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/chrismiller/fk-2020

Eskibeatz is bringing you massive dance grooves with his new track “Energy” – Pre-release is now available at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/eskibeatz/energy

SabilewSounds delivers a small taste of ethereal bliss with “SCK” – https://soundcloud.com/sabilew/sock

Special thanks to g1a5w3g1an for his support and sharing the next three entries. For even more updated content, check out his blog at https://www.g1a5w3g1an.com/

Arize drops some indie pop goodness with lots of atmosphere and a feature from Melissa Lamm with “Home” – https://wavemusic.ffm.to/arizehome

Natalie Holmes spins an indie anthem with beautiful strings in her new single “Dandelion” – https://cdbaby.lnk.to/Dandelion

Matu drops some acoustic pop to give you the summer warm and fuzzies with his new track, “Strawberry Winds” – https://songwhip.com/matu/strawberry-winds

Want to find more independent Twitch artists? Follow Dune and Jonny over at Twitch Finds at https://twitch.tv/fivehitdune as well as The Eargasm with LP over at https://twitch.tv/theeargasm

Get all the music of The Silence Noise at https://thesilencenoise.com

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