February 7, 2021

Music Exposed Episode 33: Alanna_Matty


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Music Exposed Episode 33: Alanna_Matty

As an incredible original songwriter and corgi owner extraordinare, Alanna Matty brings together a variety of emotions ranging from complicated to cozy direct from her studio in Canada.

Check her out at https://twitch.tv/alanna_matty

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This Week’s Music Exposed Bulletin Board:

Otherglow – Grey Sky (Album) – https://otherglow.bandcamp.com/

Paul Grant – Bright Ideas and Bad Influences –

Seersha – Blame – https://seersha.bandcamp.com/track/blame

Suezan – Alien (album – February 12th) – https://suezan.bandcamp.com/

WaxWane and Mike Shinoda – The Way Down (March 5th) –

Want to find more independent Twitch artists? Follow g1a5w3g1an over at his blog at https://g1a5w3g1an.com, Dune and Jonny over at Twitch Finds at https://twitch.tv/fivehitdune as well as The Eargasm with LP over at https://twitch.tv/theeargasm

The new release from The Silence Noise, The Twist of a Friendly Knife, is available now at https://thesilencenoise.com

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