This page includes all the instructions for your possible appearance and how it's going to work.  The application link is at the bottom of this page!


What is this and why are we doing it?

As variety and music streamers ourselves, it's our goal to share as many of the amazing artists and musicians of Twitch as possible...

If you need a reminder of who WE are:

SaraJazz has spent years building a dedicated (and hilarious) following on Twitch. As a professional musician, she has experienced some of the highest degree of success possible for a touring jazz musician and played with some of the biggest names in the jazz community.  That success and her unique brand of humor translated easily to Twitch, where she added comedy and variety to her musical talents. 

TheSilenceNoise is an original alternative rock artist that has released over 40 original songs since returning to music in 2018. He has devoted the last year to creating one of the most unique Twitch Music experiences featuring original music and off-the-wall comedy while connecting with as many original and experimental artists as possible.

You also may have seen our collaboration on the smash hit, Cry Myself to Sleep or recently on Sweet Punishment.

This is the next level in growing the Twitch Music Community and Music Exposed - a featured slot on an upcoming festival!

Let's face it, growing a Twitch Channel is really difficult...

Shout outs are helpful.  But only a small percentage of people will actually follow and generally it's only the most loyal to the streamer's channel.

Raids are even better.  But now we live in an age of pre-roll ads, channel previews, or other disruptions that mean that raids gain less and less followers than ever.

Social media...well, your mileage may vary.

The key to becoming a successful act has been one thing:  appearing on stage alongside other successful acts!

The Music Exposed Festival will be hosted on The Silence Noise's Twitch channel and heavily promoted by the Music Exposed Community, as well as all other acts appearing on the performance.

What are the specific details?

  • The Silence Noise or SaraJazz (or both) will have been in contact with you about upcoming dates and time slots available for the upcoming event.
  • Unless otherwise notified (for charity events or other fundraisers) - all earnings during the event (bits, subs, and donations) will be split among the performers.  This is to provide an opportunity for some smaller streamers who do not normally get donations to earn!  We are all in this together, which means you are expected to promote and share as actively as you possibly can to help bring more attention to the show.  This is not a charity event or channel - this is to support artists in their growth.  There are many great channels that do charity almost exclusively such as SavingMusicLive!  Support them and focus on this to promote yourself and other artists!
  • You will need to be prepared to perform and interact for the entirety of your time slot.  You will be introduced by either Silence or Sara for your set and there may be some interaction, but make sure that you have enough material ready to perform or let us know if you don't have enough!
  • Do not use copyrighted music for your performance.  Focus on your original material!  With recent issues with DMCA on Twitch, we ask that you keep it original or use original arrangements (if performing covers) in order to avoid audio muting or other issues with the stream and VOD.  If you have any questions about copyright issues, please ask them before you perform.
  • You are expected to promote as aggressively as you can!  It is understood that some artists are a bit larger and some are a bit smaller, but the purpose of this is to support each other and grow our channels together!  Social media posts, graphics, and material will be available for you to use and retweet but do not hesitate to create your own too!  Remember, this benefits all of us - so go above and beyond when you can - send out messages, let fans or friends know, and announce on your stream whenever possible.
  • Our content is focused on mature (18+) audiences.  Some of the questions, conversation, or humor can get a little risque, so prepare your audience if needed.
  • A Common Question - Why is this on The Silence Noise's channel instead of Sara, my channel, wherever else?  The purpose of all of this is to build a sustainable venue for the future that can be used to continue to promote other artists and performers.  Sara already gives her channel once a week to the main Music Exposed show and makes a full time living as a streamer - so it's not fair to ask her to provide even more (and she will be promoting just as aggressively as everyone else).  Some of the performers invited to the show might be larger streamers than us.  Most of the performers will be smaller.  If you need any additional proof of how much we try to promote other artists - go to the main site and watch our weeks of podcasts!

The goal is to create an experience that mirrors a real life venue or festival.  We all work together to make it a success!

The Tech Details:

  • For the performance, you will be connecting with us using a technology called OBS.Ninja.  This functions very similar to virtual conferencing software like Zoom, Discord, or Whereby, but with far better sound quality!  There are a few things you need to consider for setting up your technology to be ready for a performance.  You can test OBS.Ninja by going to the site and setting up your own chat room - or use the link that Silence or Sara sends you to test!
  • Set Up a Virtual Camera in your OBS or Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS).  You can download the latest version of Virtual Camera for OBS here.  SLOBS now comes with virtual cam included and you will find it in your settings under Virtual Camera.  This is typically what you will use as your camera for the performance unless you only use a webcam with no additional settings for your performance.  If that is the case, simply use your normal webcam/camera.
  • If you are not a music streamer and are instead doing variety or a podcast type performance - most of the rest of this section will not apply to you.
  • Setting Up Your Audio may be the most complex part of the process and we will detail a few solutions here.  
  • If you normally just use your audio interface to perform, it is quite simple to set up in OBS.Ninja.  Just select your audio interface when logging into the software and this should be all you need to do.  Performers that just use a webcam and audio interface will have no problem performing in OBS.Ninja - just do what you'd normally do to set up for your stream!
  • If you are routing audio from your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as Reaper, Ableton, Cubase, or others - there are a variety of ways to get audio out of your DAW into OBS.Ninja. The easiest method is to download Voxengo Recorder - this is a plugin that you add to your Master Channel to send audio out.  Add the plugin, select an output channel that is not currently in use, change your output to "MME" and click "Start."  Then you are able to select that audio device in OBS or OBS.Ninja to receive audio from your DAW.  More technical solutions exist such as Voicemeter Banana which give you a virtual mixer you can use to send audio between your DAW and OBS.Ninja.  If you want the most technical solution, you can use what Silence uses, Synchronous Audio Router which gives you the ability to create a wide variety of virtual audio devices for different usage.  If you are on a Mac, you can generally do this with built-in audio routing or Loopback.
  • When you join the room, select "Join Room With Camera" (not screenshare).
  • Join the room 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled performance time so you can troubleshoot any issues.  It is also highly recommended you test in advance to make sure your tech is running smoothly.  When you join the room, you will be audible to both Silence and the performer but you will not be audible to the stream!  Please make sure not to disrupt the performer, yell, scream, or play memes while they are performing as they can hear you.  Simply join, get your tech in order, and mute yourself using the mute button at the bottom of OBS Ninja until it's time to go for your performance!  DO NOT BE LATE!  If you have an emergency and know you are going to be late, please contact us on Discord immediately!
  • You do not need your overlays for the performance.  We will provide overlays and alerts for everything that happens on stream!  If you use song titles, images, or information you may leave those active but you don't need anything else!
  • You will not need to watch the stream independently.  It is broadcast to you via OBS.Ninja.  One frequently asked question:  Yes, the video quality sent to you via OBS.Ninja is NOT the full quality video seen on stream.  It is intentionally a bit lower to conserve bandwidth on my side for streaming.  It's useful to be a reference for you - but don't expect it to be the "Twitch quality" you're used to seeing as it is limited to conserve most bandwidth for the stream itself.  The stream doesn't look like that!
  • To follow the chat, it is highly recommended you have a window up with the Popout Chat from The Silence Noise's room.  Just click this link or go to the stream and click "popout chat."
  • If you have any issues or questions regarding the tech, both Sara and Silence are happy to help.  Reach out to use on Discord at The Silence Noise#9080 or SaraJazz#1913.

Got a unique idea for something that'll make your appearance better?  We're open to anything!

Show Promotion Requirements:

The entire purpose of our show is to promote and share your art and music.  Both Sara and Silence will be promoting the shows on all our Twitch, Discord, and social media channels.  

Obviously, it helps both you, the show, and all of the other artists who will appear to do the following:

  • Share your interview a minimum of twice on social media.
  • Share your appearance details on your Discord along with a going live announcement.
  • Reach out directly via social media or Twitch message to your most loyal followers that you know will enjoy the festival.  (Use the message all subs feature in your dashboard!)
  • Like, comment, and retweet/share the promotional posts from Sara and Silence as you can.

There are the minimum things you can do.  But since the entire purpose of this event is to promote other musicians, each other, and grow all of our channels - we urge you to be innovative with your promotion.  We all want this to be successful!


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